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The Final Resting Place

Riverside National Cemetery (RNC) is a Veterans Affairs Administration operated cemetery nestled in the heart of the Inland Empire in Riverside, CA. The cemetery was established in 1976 through the transfer of 740 acres from March Air Force Base, the nation’s central Air Command and Control Center for the entire US Air Force. Today, RNC is the nation’s largest cemetery managed by the National Cemetery Administration, with 1250 sprawling acres bearing over 250,000 gravesites. It is also the most active cemetery in the nation conducting an average of 35 internments/services each day, and providing military funeral honor services to all veterans at no cost to families.

The landscape of Riverside National Cemetery is breathtaking: rolling hills of green grasses and beautiful shaded trees surround quiet lakes and gentle waterfalls, creating a most peaceful and serene final resting place for our nation’s greatest heroes. The landscape is dotted with indigenous-style committal shelters where burial services are provided in honor of those departed. In the heart of the Cemetery, the Outdoor Amphitheater draws visitors from across the Inland Empire to participate in several annual events throughout the year. Visitors may also visit some of the nation’s most prized memorial monuments bearing the deep, rich history of our courageous American Military:

Medal of Honor Memorial (1999): 

Riverside National Cemetery is only one of four sites in the nation to house the National Medal of Honor Memorial. The memorial is an awe-inspiring treasure trove of American Courage, whose walls behold the names of ALL Medal of Honor Recipients dating back to the Civil War Era.

The Fallen Soldier/Veteran’s Memorial (2000): 

Located near the entrance to the cemetery, the monument is a solid bronze structure bearing the lifeless body of the fallen soldier. The monument stands in honor of every service member who has ever lost their life in service to our country.

The Prisoner of War/Missing in Action National Memorial (2005): 

Dedicated by President George W. Bush and designated as a national memorial by the U.S. Congress. The monument artistry depicts an American Soldier on his knees, hands bound, surrounded and imprisoned by pillars of black marble. The monument stands as a testament and tribute to every U.S. soldier ever held captive as a Prisoner of War.

RNC Gold Star Family Monument (Coming Soon):

This unprecedented build will both compliment and rival the beautiful and historic monuments found at Riverside National Cemetery. The location is reserved in the midst of cemetery grounds, directly behind the Outdoor Amphitheater. It will be easily visible from all vantage points across the grounds, and accessible to all visitors and members of the community who desire to learn more about what it means to be an American Gold Star Family.

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